St.Vith Performs Grateful Dead Tribute At The Dock

Saturday, June 5, 2021 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm


St.Vith rolls back into Ithaca to perform an evening of Grateful Dead. If you haven't seen the multi-talented trio, this is a must-see show! Free admission, remember to tell a friend about the show and make sure to wear a mask until seated.

St. Vith takes a modern impression on the 70's jam styles of bands such as the grateful dead. They are tuned to an intimate setting such as wineries and cafes, though they are not limited. Festivals and larger settings allow for a full spectrum of intensity and sound. Ever-changing with guests, and the environment, St. Vith provides an eclectic original, and colorful experience.

“Conjuring the kind of image-behind-the-veil kaleidoscopic trance of America’s first wave of psychedelic rock bands, Hammondsport’s retro-hued St. Vith, forge the acid tones and bluesy stillness of yesteryear, happily searching the universe for that sacred ether of the mystical sixties. With numbers that run vibrant and loose, echoing a belief in a time, a place, and a destination, they lull you into a haze of jazzy tranquility, happily extending original compositions, Grateful Dead covers, and beatnik dreamscapes…” – Christopher J. Harrington (Ithaca Times) 

Ticket Price: free