Whiskey Tango Live At The Dock

Saturday, May 29, 2021 - 9:00pm


"Have you been yearning for a change? A breath of fresh air? A taste of freedom? So have we! We're doing our Spring Cleaning, and dusting off our titties and tassels to bring our first LIVE INDOOR SHOW in over a year at The Dock Saturday, May 29th at 9pm. We've got the incredible talents of Whiskey Tango including Sizzlin' Liz, Susan the Burgundy Bullet, Robin RedFlag DangerCrush, Scarlett Switchblade, and Scorpiana Von Lillith with our Special Guest, Kitschy Scofflaw! Of course our fan favorite Mickie Quinn will be our MC, and Stage Kittening by Mystic Crystal! Strap on your mask and get your ass down here!"